Victoria White

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Weight: 130.07 lbs
Cup: C
Waist: 23
Hips: 36


Victoria White is a knockout of a blonde pornstar, born in march of 1987 and hailing from Los Angeles, California. An energetic and bubbly personality makes her both a fan and industry favorite and her stunning good looks and prodigious sexual talents have made her ascent to the upper echelons of the porn industry quite easy. In fact, her first porn shoot was for a big budget production, allowing her to bypass the usual aspiring pornstar career path, doing low budget and amateur work, trying to build a name for herself, and working her way up to the big time. Victoria simply started on top and remains there. On her first visit to a XXX porn set, Victoria couldn’t believe her eyes. She had heard many spurious rumors over the years and in light of that was shocked at how professional, organized and respectable the production was and while she was only on-set to observe, she found herself antsy, wanting to get off her stool off-camera and join in on the action. She knew right then and there that she had found her niche, fucking and sucking on film. In her few short years in the business, Victoria has lived a fantasy lifestyle jet-setting from shoot to shoot, in one week reportedly filming in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, before shooting over to Miami Beach, Florida for the next role, then returning to Los Angeles for her usual workload. Ms. White has also developed a prosperous side-business as a very much in-demand makeup artist for some of the biggest budget porn productions, which keeps her plenty busy, juggling her two careers. On camera and off, Victoria is fast friends with fellow porn hottie Ally Kay, and the pair are a fixture of the Los Angeles scene. While she is rightfully proud of her career she tries to keep a low profile in her personal life, and tends to avoid talking about what she does for a living until she has gotten a chance to know someone better as in her experience if people learn that you fuck on film for a living as one of the first facts that they know about you, judgments and erroneous assumptions about the person that she is are unavoidable. That in mind, Victoria usually waits until she has gotten to know a person better and is confident that they can handle the truth. In her private life as well as her film career, Victoria is an avowed bisexual and states that she likes both sexes equally. Her preferred encounter includes both a man and a woman which allows her to fully express her sexuality during the experience, and given her status as a gorgeous high-flyer within the adult entertainment business, there’s no shortage of men and women eager to be with her. In her career thus far Ms. White had appeared in over 110 titles encompassing 300 scenes and looks to be a star with staying power. With an eye towards the future, Victoria has recently used some of her porn wealth to move to Beverly Hills and hone her cosmetology skills, and hopes to one day open a high-end beauty salon catering to the rich and famous. ZTOD has this hot property showing just why she has become a darling of the industry. One you don’t want to miss is a lesbian scene with Nicole Ray from 3rd Degree’s “My First Girlfriend”, that is scorching hot.

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