Melanie Rios

Birth place:
Ethniticy: latina
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 105.82 lbs
Cup: A
Waist: 24
Hips: 34


Melanie Rios is a native of Columbia, born in Medellin in April of 1991. Her family moved to Los Angeles, California while she was still very young and so she has primarily had an upbringing within the United States. Standing at just 5’ 3” with a petite frame, pert and perky ‘A’ cup tits with a sweet little ass and tight young box, this hot little Latina sex machine is on the fast track to porn superstardom. Melanie became a XXX pornstar immediately upon reaching her majority, primarily appearing in the “barely legal” teen genre, before moving on as she’s matured to Latina and mainstream porn. She also costarred in a popular movie series with a girl whom the releasing studio claimed was her sister, Valerie Rios which while believably resembling Melanie, is not in fact related. The two girls starred in a series of detective-style porn films called appropriately enough “Rios & Rios” which follows this pair of hot Latina detectives who’s every exploit invariably leads to a sex scene. The popularity of the series was such that three movies were made, though by the fourth film, Valerie Rios was replaced by pornstar Carli Banks. Ms. Rios gained some notoriety when in January 2011, she was reportedly present at Charlie Sheen’s house when a 911 call was made due to his having severe abdominal pains. The newspaper reports mentioned Melanie, helpfully also mentioning her modeling agency and her availability for work in adult films, providing proof positive of the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”, particularly given Sheen’s reputation as a pussy connoisseur extraordinaire. His antics with many pornstars over the years have more often than not helped the careers of said cocksockets, it seems that Sheen imparts added luster to the image of whomever is his companion during his crisis du jour. Melanie has appeared in nearly 100 titles thus far and her performances have gained her two AVN Award nominations, “Best Three-Way Sex Scene” and “Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene”, both in 2012. ZTOD has the fresh young Melanie Rios, in exclusive encounters, including a reunion with her “sister” Valerie Rios in an all-girl lesbian love-fest. Regardless of lack of familial relation these two go at like two long lost lovers exploring each others every nook and cranny bringing each other to climax after climax leaving them a sweaty and tangled mess when they’re finished.

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