Krystal Steal

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Weight: 105.82 lbs
Cup: D
Waist: 24
Hips: 34


Krystal Steal is a California native who was born in November of 1982 in the city of Irvine. By all accounts she had a normal upbringing with several siblings and her parents are still together. She has indicated in interviews that she was an obedient and dutiful child through middle school when she began to rebel and challenge authority. Krystal was a successful erotic dancer, performing at high-end gentlemen’s clubs and never desired to go into porn, but in doing many bachelor parties and private shows over the years it was suggested to her repeatedly. She finally took the hint, and with the assistance of a friend who was a fellow dancer and a pornstar, she arranged to shoot a scene. Much to her surprise, Krystal really enjoyed herself doing that first scene for the camera. Nonetheless, Krystal has built her XXX porn career on her own terms and is very conscious of the portrayal of her “brand”; she will not perform anal, get gang-banged or have sex with more than two men at a time. She is also very selective about who she will fuck on film, valuing legitimate chemistry with costars over making a quick buck. She feels that if there is genuine chemistry, the final product is of a higher quality than when it’s a case of two strangers thrown together to fuck for some cash. This selectivity and careful brand management has certainly paid off for this blonde bombshell. While she has only appeared in 85 titles, they have always been for top dollar, have been of the highest quality and her fans know that when the see Krystal Steal’s name they are in for smut experience of the highest caliber. Krystal’s lovely visage has graced the covers of Hustler, Genesis, and Fox magazines and she appeared alongside porn royalty Jenna Jamison on a billboard at the “Crossroads of the World”, Times Square in the heart of New York City. Krystal is a self-described bisexual and enjoys scenes with both men and women and her favorite position is missionary-style though with her legs pulled up over her shoulders which allows for much deeper penetration. ZTOD has Krystal Steal in what may very well be her final performance on film, and while she is certainly still very much in her prime for the performance she does not appear to have brought out her feminine wiles for a camera since. As sad as it makes her fans to see her output cease, at least there’s the solace that she went out with a bang as it were, turning in a performance that if it is indeed her last, is truly one of the best of her illustrious career.

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