Jennifer White

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 114.64 lbs
Cup: C
Waist: 21
Hips: 33


A relative newcomer to the industry, Jennifer White started fucking on film in 2009 at the age of 21. In the short amount of time that she has been active, she’s featured in over 120 XXX titles and has been repeatedly honored by the industry, receiving an AEBN VOD Award for “Best Newcomer” as well as being nominated for an AVN Award for “Best New Starlet” and an Urban X Award nomination for “Best Girl/Girl Scene” in 2011, followed by being nominated by the AVN award committee for “Best Oral Sex Scene” and “Best POV Sex Scene” in 2012. Jennifer gives off the ever-popular girl-next-door vibe, and avoids excessive makeup and modifying her body through plastic surgery that is so popular for pornstars these days, preferring to go with an all-natural look, which she maintains by being extremely active and participating in outdoor athletic activities like hiking, kayaking and various beach sports. Her adventuresome spirit has led her to get her tongue pierced, but her desire for privacy had her getting a tattoo on her neck below her hairline where no one can see it. It is those personality contradictions that begin to hint of the complexity of the woman within, a girl who looks like someone you’d love to take home to meet your mother but viewing her videos it’s clear that she’s a monster in the sack, sure she knows how to talk dirty and is always ready and willing for some anal action, but somehow you just feel like you know her, like you want to protect her. There’s just something special about this one. Looking at the prodigious output of this young starlet, one might incorrectly assume she’ll take any role that comes along, but it is in fact quite the contrary, Jennifer is quite selective about what studios and stars she will perform with, and it is only due to her extreme popularity that she has managed to get so many scenes under her belt in such a short period of time. While she was raised Jewish, she describes herself as “(I’m) not religious at all.... I’m spiritual” this was revealed on her Twitter feed, which is quite active and boasts over 11,000 followers eager to communicate with this hot little sex machine. Through her Twitter feed she also promotes her latest releases, sex shows and even maintains a “wish list” on Amazon for fans who want to buy her gifts, while allowing her fans tantalizing glimpses into the exciting life of this ascendant starlet. Clearly this is one girl who knows how to maximize her appeal, leaving her fans anxiously wanting to see more of her. ZTOD has Jennifer White in some of her finest performances captured to date, not to be missed is a scene excerpted from the masterpiece “Anal Prom Queens”, get to see this cocksocket do some posing and teasing before getting every hole fucked and finally accepting a hot thick load deposited in her waiting mouth.

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